Happy New Year 2022 – Classes, News and else

Happy New Year! In this article you will discover our classes and our new ideas for the new year.

Happy New Year to everyone!
There are many good resolutions for the year that has just begun. We are happy to be able to share our classes and our passion for Italian cuisine with you again. Last year, despite the difficulties due to Covid, it was an interesting year that underlined the strength of some products. In any case, we want to make this year extraordinary and full of experiences!

Classes – In Rome

Our company is pleased to announce that our great classics are always appreciated by you who attend our classes. There are many reviews we receive for the pizza course but also for the pasta one. In fact, I want to quote a few words from our guests about the pizza experience:

I enjoyed the class very much. It was nicely located and the chef explained very well. We made the dough and build our own pizza, which took about 1.5 hour. We got the recipe and photo’s afterwars. Totally recommend this activity!

I also want to report the words spent for our Pasta and Tiramisu class which this year really sparked:

Had a wonderful class learning to make tiramisu and fresh pasta, followed by a lovely dinning experience enjoying the foods we made. The class was enjoyable for all ages and our instructor was a lot of fun. She shared her excitement for food and her experience and made for a great last day in Rome. Would highly recommend to anyone with a remote interest in good foods and Italian culture. I enjoyed it so much I made both tiramisu and fresh pasta cacio e Pepe just a day after I got home. Thanks so much!

And if you haven’t taken this class yet, we recommend you as our best guests. Also, if you want, here is the recipe and the story of our fantastic dessert.

The Ravioli and Meatballs class was also very successful, thanks to the location in the heart of Rome, but also thanks to the authenticity of grandma’s recipes. The same goes for our composite lesson, the combo class, 3 in 1 Fettuccine Ravioli and Tiramisu in Piazza Navona, where we teach how to make fettuccine, ravioli and tiramisu. A slightly longer but definitely satisfying lesson.

Here are the words of one of our guests about this lesson:

Wonderful experience for the whole family. Great and patient teacher who worked with the whole group to make sure we all got it. Would definitely recommend for a great time.

Clearly, the gelato class provides in a real artisan laboratory is always successful. For this reason, last year we wanted to deepen the homemade gelato. Moreover we have combined the passion for gelato with a famous and super tasty foods such as pizza (Homemade Gelato and Pizza Class) and pasta (Homemade Gelato and Pasta Class). 

Finally, we’ve created a new product, a photo shooting experience around Rome. A new way which will give you the possibility to collect memories to share with friends once at home.

Our market tour, followed by pizza making or pasta making, was last year’s flagship. Our customers particularly appreciated the various tastings during the tour: white pizza with mortadella, balsamic vinegar, cold cuts and cheeses.

The sunset food tour will also be renewed this year. We have many ideas in mind and we want to keep a bit of mystery. But stay tuned, because it will be completely revolutionized.

Classes – In Naples

Then, flying from Rome to Naples, we added some really tasty and exceptional news, just waiting to be discovered. The Neapolitan Pizza course in Naples is truly incredible. Also in this case I want to report the words of one of our guests about it:

It was all a great experience! But the pizza dough we created was amazing!! Our chef was very funny and easy going, and he kept the learning very hands on. We started with raw ingredients and went right through to putting our pizza in the oven. Loved every minute of it!

Even the experience of the Sorrento Gnocchi is something unforgettable: the true taste of Naples and the ingredients of Italian cuisine. The scent of Naples also pours into fried pizza, a tasty delicacy that will leave your taste buds speechless. For those with gluten allergy or intolerance, we have designed the experience of gluten-free pizza: so anyone can enjoy it without problems.

New Proposal and Good Intentions

There are many new product ideas that we have and a great desire to create. We have in mind a journey to discover new tastes to tell you but also new culinary experiences. One of these has its roots in Ancient Rome and in the culinary tradition of the Ancient Romans. Referring to characters such as Virgil or Lucullus, we will transport you back in time, letting you taste flavors that are always alive.

The beauty and goodness of traditional Italian cuisine is just that. Italy is the place where the memory of cuisine endures over the years and evolves and makes itself known. You too can take part in these experiences and bring a little piece of Italy with you!

Thanks for your support and again happy New Year!

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