Fried Pizza Class and Craft Beer Tastings in Naples

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fried pizza class and beer tastings in naples


Live Naples in another way: learn how to make the fried pizza and enjoy a beer tastings with four types of Neapolitan craft beer. You can take the chance to taste the real flavor of the fresh ingredients in the place where pizza was born. Moreover, you can be enchanted by all the secrets of Neapolitan fried pizza and you can discover the flavors of these Neapolitan genuine beers.

We provide you the equipment and the tools you need. Fried pizza, like Neapolitan pizza, is made up of simple ingredients but it is passion and creativity that make the difference. Follow the directions of our chef and prepare the dough from scratch. Subsequently, you will fry your fried pizza. You will create you own montanara, the fried pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella. An unforgettable experience where you can see how the pizza grows in the oil.

Moreover, in our beer tastings, you can taste four types of craft beer: two golden beers, one red and one amber. You will taste the different balance from a lager beer of 4.8 to an ale of 7.

Let you enchanted from all the freshness, the genuine ingredients and the flavors in a beautiful Restaurant in front of the sea of Naples and Castel Nuovo. Enjoy your fried pizza and the beer tastings spending a good afternoon in the verace Naples.

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  • Create your own Neapolitan fried pizza
  • Learn the secrets of homemade Neapolitan dough
  • Enjoy four beers in a beer tastings


The Cooking class includes:

  • Theoretical and practical lesson
  • English speaking chef
  • Fresh ingredients and equipment (apron)

Your Menu:

  • Fried Pizza (your Montanara with tomato sauce and mozzarella)
  • 1 bottled water
  • 1 craft beer
  • Lemon sorbet


Location: Naples, Restaurant San Carlo 17, Via San Carlo 17

Availability: Everyday

Start time: 11 AM, 4 PM

Duration: 3h (1h 30min for the class, 1h 30min for the meal)

Special Requirements

Please specify intolerances and allergies

Additional info

    • Bookings: we accept reservations until 1hour before the start time of the class
    • Free cancellation: 24h before the start time of the experience
    • Last minute reservation/cancellation: contact us on +393922324104
    • Other enquires: you can see our FAQ