Happy New Year 2020 to everyone!

Every year starts with the right and good intentions!

It’s always a great emotion to start a new year: it’s a new experience and we want to make it perfect in every way!

Moreover, the good intentions for the New Year 2020 have just been written on the notebook and we are more than ready to satisfy them.

So you, so we! 

Also this year we want to make the year full of wonderful experiences!

Eat&Walk Italy 2020

Today, in fact, I present the great news of our company Eat & Walk Italy. I am happy to announce that our great classics are always highly appreciated as you can see from our reviews.

The pizza course is always one of the must, as is the classic pasta course with tasting menu: both in the central area of Rome, near Piazza Navona, in a rustic but traditional setting.

Moreover, I want to report the words of this guest of ours who found the pizza experience exciting:

Can’t recommend this enough. Great fun and nice pizza in the end 🙂 Chef was excellent and helpful. Thank you

And also that of our other guest for the Fettuccine course:

Great experience – the class was super informative and a lot of fun. In addition to the pasta we made, the restaurant also gave us two other courses which were delicious. Definitely recommend!

Last year Pasta and tiramisu experience went through the roof and we believe that this year it can also make fireworks. In other words, if you missed the recipe and the story you can find it here!

By popular demand also the class of Ravioli and Meatballs which brings everyone back to a familiar atmosphere, learning the recipes of the grandmother and appreciating the typical traditional cuisine. Who can tell me what the Italian name of Meatballs is? … … POLPETTE right!

You don’t have to miss our Gelato making during a trip to Rome: learn about real artisanal gelato and enjoy its unmistakable flavor.

Our Market tour experience continues to be renewed by choosing Campo de Fiori and always different tastes: from pates to extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegars to fine and fragrant cheeses and salami. New entry among the tastings is the typical Roman white pizza!

The evening Food tour will also be renewed: you can enjoy Rome at night by tasting various specialties that will remain in your heart.

Our incandescent new entry experience is our class 3 in 1 Fettuccine Ravioli and Tiramisu in Piazza Navona that brings together the best of Italian cuisine in a single lesson. How can we not underline the exceptional location: the charm of Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers while eating his creations is priceless.

From Rome we move south with the new course of Pizza Napoletana in Naples, in the safe area and overlooking the sea: a wonderful experience. In fact, you can learn how make pizza in the place where it was born. Live a magical atmosphere, underlined by the wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples.

The Decalogue of Good Intentions

  1. Eat & Walk Italy
  2. Appreciate Italy and its tradition and flavor
  3. Learn Granny’s recipe: making your Fettuccine
  4. Make your dreams come true: let be enchanted by your tiramisù
  5. Feel the “Italianity” making pizza with our pizzaiolo
  6. Enjoy the wonderful flavor of the Italian food
  7. Visit the local traditional Market of Rome and feel like a real Roman
  8. Enjoy the beauties of the city meanwhile you attend a cooking class
  9. Test yourself making your ravioli
  10. Remember forever your experiences


Certainly there will be several in the year 2020.

You should be careful, follow our Facebook page and our Instagram page to see the backstage of our classes, to feel involved. In other words, we just want to make your mouth water!

Get satisfied with us and with our experience

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