Rome, we will be back again! – A message of hope

Rome is deserted, silent but still wonderful, in these critical days caused by the Corona Virus.

We want to send a message of hope to all those who had planned a trip to Rome and booked a cooking class with us.

This is the reason that led us to make this video.

See it with us and cheer for everything to end quickly.


We will return to teach you the tricks for an excellent dish of traditional Italian cuisine.

The beautiful monuments of Rome will once again become the perfect background for our cooking classes

We will return to get dirty with flour together with you for pizza or pasta dough.

We will come back to have fun together during our classes, to photograph your creations, to share laughter.

Stay tuned on our site … we will always try to stay with you with new videos and new recipes, maybe even video recipes.

Rome, we will be back!

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