Roman artichokes: the video class of this traditional dish

Who knows how make Roman artichokes?

We continue with the video classes of Roman cuisine.

Today we are talking about another important dish of Roman cuisine: the Roman artichokes

After the meatballs in pizzaiola style, we face a typical dish of traditional cuisine.

By the way, have you had the opportunity to try our recipe? I remind you that you will find the recipe link in the other article.

Let’s find out more about today’s recipe, the Roman artichokes.

What about Roman artichokes?

You can find history and curiosities about this vegetable in the article of some time ago.

It must be said that it is often confused with the equally famous Artichoke alla Giudia. The latter is a fried artichoke from the Judeo-Roman tradition. Certainly, they are part of the traditional poor cuisine that enhances the goodness of the raw materials

You can use the same particular variety of artichoke, the mammola or cimarolo, for the Roman artichoke and the Giudia artichoke. It is an almost thornless variety, sweet and pleasant on the palate.

A vegetable that has always been considered in the kitchen both for its aphrodisiac qualities.

It is also excellent for its therapeutic qualities. They stimulate diuresis, counteract cholesterol, cellulite. They reduce the toxic effects of alcohol in the blood.

There are many recipes in which artichokes are the fundamental element, but this is very simple and tasty. You can use this vegetables as a single dish or as a side dish. This plate is enriched with mint which aromatizes. As a result, it creates a wonderful contrast with the fiber of the artichoke. Together with garlic, it creates a magic of the palate that is difficult to dissolve, if not in the mouth…

Experience Rome from afar by tasting this magnificent dish: Roman Artichoke. Even more, taste the romanity of this dish.

Roman artichokes: the video class

Here is the video class.

Finally, enjoy your Roman Artichokes!

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