Where to eat in Rome – Samba Maki

It is always difficult to decide where to eat in Rome, tasting a different cuisine such as sushi. So we continue our journey as a food blogger introducing you Samba Maki, a fusion cuisine restaurant, with particular attention to sushi, in Rome. When Brazil and Japan come together to create a creative menu, of excellent quality, in Rome, we can speak about Samba Maki

Samba Maki – Fusion cuisine, sushi and much more

The Samba Maki Restaurants are the flagship of sushi restaurants in Rome. They were born from an idea of ​​Riccardo Di Salvo and Ricardo Takamitsu, the most famous executive chef in Italy. Chef Ricardo Takamitsu began his career at a very young age in one of the most famous restaurants in São Paulo, Nakombi. From a Japanese mother and a Brazilian father, he knows the ins and outs of fusion cuisine. He has quickly become one of the best sushi-men in Europe. Besides being a TV star, he is also the creator of the Sushi-Chef training school, the Samba Academy

In its three restaurants, in Parioli, Prati and Eur, the environment offers a clean but refined atmosphere. Every detail tells a piece of Japanese culture or Brazilian one. Their menu reflect the delicate nuances of Japanese cuisine, sushi, sashimi and much more, in a riot of South American colors. Cooked foods in addition to raw, lightly fried, vegetarian proposals and more. Many have called it Brazilian sushi but it is much more. Also very famous are the Samba cocktails with which guests are greeted, based on caipirinha, sake, vodka and exotic fruit. The Samba Maki of Prati where we went is refined, quiet and comfortable. The kitchen is followed by Takamitsu himself who constantly updates the menu with new creations.

Sushi Restaurant – Samba Maki – Review

The Samba Maki restaurant in Prati in Rome is very nice and often you can have background music to accompany the meal. It is spread over two floors and has recently added an outdoor space. The tables in front of the kitchen are very popular because, being in sight, it is very nice to be able to see the chef Takamitsu preparing his sushi creations. The ingredients used are extremely good in terms of quality, very fresh and genuine. Their menu is very varied: it goes from traditional Japanese dishes to poké of various kinds, to revisited dishes. The only advice we want to give to this restaurant is to switch to the paper menu. In fact, the iPad is not a suitable choice because to make an order using it could be not so easy.

However, Samba Maki remains the best sushi restaurant in the Prati area in Rome, both for quality and price. After a chat with the chef, we understood that low prices derive from a very specific marketing strategy. Also because the quality of the products is superior to that of the surrounding sushi restaurants. Highly recommended!

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