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Where to eat in Rome – Porto Fish & Chips

Rome always offers many opportunities to eat well and with Porto Fish & Chips, thanks to its seafood cuisine, you can’t go wrong. Located between the Saint Peter Basilica and the streets of the city center, this restaurant offers traditional Roman dishes and modern dishes with a taste of the sea. You can find carbonara di mare, as well as tartare or fried seafoods. In fact, at Porto Fish & Chips, the chefs don’t just prepare simple recipes, but they emphasize the flavor of marine-style dishes. So let’s continue our tips on where to eat in Rome: to read other articles click here.

Porto Fish & Chips – Seafood cuisine

Porto Fish & Chips is a port inn in the center of the capital, as they define themselves. A cheerful and colorful place that recalls the atmosphere of the Marseille taverns. The staff is extremely helpful, young and competent. The ingredients are exceptional and expertly elaborated to create refined dishes with unforgettable flavors. 

Traditional Roman dishes are revisited allowing the chefs to give a taste of the sea and a personal touch. For example, how can we forget the Parmigiana di mare (Sea Parmigiana) with smoked provola cheese and diced swordfish? Additionally, the cacio e pepe with pecorino and lime prawns? The seafaring menu is divided into Cartocci, Wrap di pesce (Fish wrap), Scaricatori (Dockers), Rimorchiatori (Tug Boats) e Sirene (Sirens). The choice of the fixed price lunch buffet is also interesting. Another particularly captivating idea is that of the Aperifish, a fish-based aperitif.

Seafood – Porto Fish & Chips – Review

A port tavern in the center of the capital, Porto Fish & Chips is a particular place, with a comfortable outdoor space. The staff is helpful and kind, ready to explain the menu and off-menu items. We chose the dishes of traditional Roman cuisine in a sea key: carbonara and cacio e pepe. Very tasty, as well as the seared tuna in a crunchy pistachio crust. The combinations are delicate and the ingredients are fresh and with an excellent quality. You can feel the taste of the sea even though you are in the center of Rome.

Porto Fish & Chips is the best restaurant in Prati, Rome, where to eat seafood cuisine. Highly recommended!

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