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Where to eat in Rome – Il Supplizio

In this column about where to eat in Rome, an article related to the famous supplì cannot be missed. Rome, the Eternal City is always an exceptional place to taste different and particular foods, like the supplì, the tastiest and most loved fried by the Romans. Today we continue as a food blogger tasting the fried foods of Il Supplizio, the gourmet fry shop in the historic center of Rome. Chef Arcangelo Dandini wants to express his passion for the flavors of his childhood. The supplì in fact is a must to taste and Il Supplizio is the right place to do it. Let’s find out more.

Il Supplizio – Supplì take away

Il Supplizio is a take away fryer in the heart of Rome, in Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143, a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona. It specializes in street food, reinventing some basis of the Roman tradition. As chef Dandini himself says in an interview: “The supplì are for me an adorable torment of the palate and the imagination because they light up the memories of childhood in Rocca Priora, of summers in Anzio, of moving to Rome.”

The Supplì is available in many versions. You can find the Classico, ragù and mozzarella, but also the Supplì alla Carbonara or the Amatriciana ones. However, the gastronomic offered by Il Supplizio also includes smoked potato croquettes, crispy cod and anchovy meatballs. To finish the meal, you cannot miss the sweet, strictly fried, the fried cream. Il Supplizio is now a renowned lounge in which to taste a must of Roman street food such as the supplì. The use of high quality ingredients, then, characterizes the place: 105 grams of long-matured Carnaroli rice, certified meats, organic vegetables and Roscioli bread for breading.

Supplì – Il Supplizio – Review

Il Supplizio in Via dei Banchi Vecchi is a small bistro, a sitting room with sofas and mirrors. Although very refined, the atmosphere is still that of a take away fry shop, with quick and unpretentious service. We were lucky to find a place to sit due to the restrictions for the Covid. We tried a bit of everything: four types of Supplì, as well as the anchovy and garum meatballs and the smoked croquette.

The breading is really good, tasty and crunchy. The supplì are perfectly cooked inside and the ingredients are well combined with each other. We also tasted the fried cream at the end of the meal: really delicious. Overall a really good place to taste the supplì, a must of traditional Roman cuisine. The quality of the ingredients is excellent, for a very low and attractive price. We recommend to buy the supplì continuing your walk without stopping inside the restaurant.

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