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Where to eat in Rome – Antica Friggitoria La Masardona

It is always difficult to choose where to eat in Rome, especially something special like fried pizza.

We begin our journey as a food blogger in Rome with a must of Italian cuisine. It is a delicacy to eat at least once in a lifetime.

We went to taste the real fried pizza of Naples in Rome at the Antica Friggitoria La Masardona

Antica Friggitoria La Masardona – Fried pizza

Fried pizza in Naples means La Masardona, so also in Rome. The recipe is historical and is that of the owner’s grandmother, called the Masardona. After the war, in fact, to make some money, she cooked it in the street close to her home. 

The owner, Vincenzo Piccirillo, is the only one who follows the procedure of the double disc of dough. Instead many are those who fold a single disc of dough as if it is a pocket. This delicacy is a treat that everyone love. For this reason it also landed in Rome, a stone’s throw from the Vatican City, in Piazza dell’Oro. This restaurant is under the direction of Cristiano Piccirillo, Vincenzo’s nephew.

The restaurant is welcoming and cozy. There are many paintings and dishes painted by renowned artists such as Antonio Nocera and Mark Kostabi. The open kitchen allows visitors to admire the chefs at work.

Along with the fried menu, the classic “battilocchio“, arancini and montanare, there is also the classic Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven. To better specify, the montanara is a fried pizza seasoned with tomato, cheese and basil. On the other hand, cicoli (pressed cake of fatty pork), ricotta, provola, tomato and pepper are the ingredients of the classic fried pizza. The battilocchio instead is the crescent-shaped fried pizza, known for the take away.

The fried pizza of the Antica Friggitoria La Masardona is a street food ennobled by the technique and quality of the ingredients. The lightness of the dough gives to the fried pizza an unforgettable taste.

Antica Friggitoria La Masardona – Eat&Walk Italy Review

The location of the Antica Friggitoria La Masardona is minimal and refined. They chose everything to create a welcoming and clean atmosphere. The open kitchen was a very interesting treat because we could watch the chefs work. It is exciting to see how fried pizza grows in the capable hands of pizza makers.

The result has an intense and tasty flavor. The ricotta and the tomato melt in the mouth accompanied by the fragrant taste of the pizza dough. We took a Margherita, a Neapolitan oven pizza, and two fried pizzas, an Annarella and a Rosetta. We concluded the meal with a Battilocchio with hazelnut gelato, with a Battilocchio with pistachio gelato, strips of fried dough with dark chocolate and fried balloons. A riot of sweetness!

The value for money is right! All exquisite, competent and professional staff.

If you don’t know where to eat in Rome, read our column and choose the Antica Friggitoria La Masardona for the best fried pizza.

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