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Where to buy in Rome – The Best Pastiera

One of the most famous desserts of the Easter tradition is the pastiera. A rich, tasty, fragrant dessert that tells us about traditional recipes. Together with the dove-shaped cake, the pastiera is typical of the Easter period. According to tradition, in Naples, it is prepared on Holy Thursday or on Good Friday. By now, it can be found in the best pastry shops throughout the year. For those who don’t have time to prepare it, here you are our tips on where to buy the best Neapolitan pastiera in Rome.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Le Levain

Le Levain‘s Neapolitan pastiera is a traditional product, capable of creating emotion with every bite. The pastry shop, born in 2014, introduced the concept of Boulangerie, that is French Pastry. For this reason, there is a great deal of attention to raw materials, such as the ricotta used in their pastiera. In fact, it comes directly from Palermo. You can find the pastry shop in Via Luigi Santini 22-23, in the Trastevere area.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Pasticceria Cantiani

In the Prati area, in via Cola di Rienzo 234, there is the Pasticceria Cantiani. It offers its version of the Neapolitan pastiera. In fact, its creation involves the use of almond flour instead of normal flour to give a further touch to the pastry.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Caffè Tomeucci Roma Eur

Always specialized in pastry, the Caffè Tomeucci Roma Eur provides to their customers the Neapolitan pastiera. You can find it in Viale Europa 54, Eur zone. Furthermore, the master pastry chef combine the tradition with the creativity.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Pasticceria Riccomi

In the Nomentano district, there is the Pasticceria Riccomi in via Lorenzo il Magnifico which offers a completely traditional pastiera. Defintely, this cake has the appearance and flavor of the past. After all, the pastry shop is historic and tries to bring back the best of the 1958 artisan tradition.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Pasticceria Fortunato

In Via Tuscolana you can feel a bit of the flavors of Naples thanks to the Pasticceria Fortunato. Founded by a Neapolitan pastry chef in 1961, Pasticceria Fortunato offers a Neapolitan pastiera. In fact, they prepare it with wheat from the Caserta countryside, Sicilian ricotta, Calabrian cedar and Sicilian orange. In other words, a riot of all Italian raw materials to honor a typical Easter cake.

The best Neapolitan Pastiera in Rome: Antico Forno Roscioli

Not to be missed is the Antico Forno Roscioli, a historic Roman bakery where you can taste the traditional Roman pizza. It is in Via dei Chiavari, near Campo de’Fiori. Here, you can also find the traditional Neapolitan pastiera there, alongside other specialties such as pizza and desserts.

After all, what do you think is the best pastiera in Rome?

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