FAQ – General Questions Eat and Walk Italy

In this section you can find the general questions that guests make to Eat and Walk Italy.

For any other questions you can call +393922324104 or send an email to eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com.


What is your cancellation policy?

For a full refund, cancel at least 24hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

Eat and Walk Italy is to be notified in time of your cancellation in writing email: eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com or by phone message or call to +393922324104.


What languages are your classes in?

English. We don’t provide multi-languages classes. However, we give the possibility, at the time of booking, to request an interpreter for another language.


Where do the classes take place?

Our classes take place in restaurant in the center of Rome and Naples. Depending on the class chosen, Restaurant and address will be specified on your voucher. If in doubt, contact our Customer Service on +393922324104, or send an email to eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com.


How will I recognize my chef?

Your chef will wait for you inside the Restaurant you see on the voucher of the cooking class you chose. Please, arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the class.


Do I really need to print my reservation?

It’s not necessary to print your reservation as long as you have a digital copy or a screenshot on your mobile phone.


How do I get to the restaurant?

By bus: we suggest Moovit’s bus monitoring application

By taxi: call +39063570

On foot: check the route on Google Maps


What if I’m running late to my class?

We ask to all guests to arrive at the indicated restaurant at least 10 minutes before the start of the cooking class. If you have difficulty to find the meeting point or if you are late along the way, contact us by message or by call: +393922324104, or send an email to eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com.


What happens if I’m too late for the class?

Being a public class, after 15 minutes of waiting our chefs are requie to start the class. Therefore you can ask information to our Customer Service, by message or by call to +393922324104, or you can decide to attend it by skipping a part of the class. Cancellation cannot be requested close to the start of the class or to a class that has already started: for us it represents a no show.


How far in advance should I book a class with Eat and Walk Italy?

You can book the class up to one hour before the start of the class.


Does the weather affect my class?

The weather doesn’t affect the classes inside the restaurant. Both in the rain and in the sun our classes continue serenely! In the case of walking tours or outdoor cooking classes there may be variations that will be promptly communicated to you.


How long is the class of Eat and Walk Italy?

It depends on the class. In the page concerning the chosen class, the duration is specified. It’s important so specify that the duration refers to the whole experience and therefore adds the time of the class itself to that of the meal.


What is included in the class of Eat and Walk Italy?

Each class has its own specific inclusion. Each of them is structured to have an active part, such as a cooking class, and a passive part, where you eat what you prepared.


Can I buy something in the restaurant?

Sure! All extras can be purchased and paid a la carte directly to the restaurant.


Are Eat and Walk Italy classes kids friendly?

Sure! Children are welcome accompanied by their parents. For them there is a dedicated menu . For any information, contact our Customer Service at +393922324104, or send an email to eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com.


Do I have to pay for my children?

Yes, we provide a rate for children a sit includes the use of the equipment and ingredients made available to you. The rate for children ranges from 3 to 17 years old. If the child is too young to attend the class on his own following the instructions of our chef, he/she can work at the same table with one of the parents and share the menu with him/her.


Can I go in with the stroller?

Yes, you can access the restaurant with the stroller.


Can I go in with the wheelchair?

Yes, you can access the restaurant with the wheelchair.


Do you accept last-minute bookings?

When there is space, absolutely! There is the possibility to make phone reservations, so contact our team to find out.


What payment methods Eat and Walk Italy accept?

On our website you have the possibility to pay through the Paypal service. If you don’t have Paypal, you can always proceed with the purchase by Credit Card. In case of last-minute booking you can pay our chef directly by cash.


Should I tip my chef?

Tipping is not mandatory in Italy, but it’s still welcome. If you liked the class or the tour you can leave a tip, but it’s up to you.


What should I bring in the class of Eat and Walk Italy?

You don’t need to bring anything with you except your enthusiasm. For our classes we provide you with all the necessary equipment and ingredients.


The team of Eat and Walk Italy is at your service. For any questions you can call +393922324104 or send an email to eatandwalkitaly@gmail.com.