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5 reasons to enjoy Rome in Christmas time

Rome is always a charm during the Christmas period! It is decorated with lights, garlands, pine branches, colorful decorations! You can feel the Christmas atmosphere in the air! This year, unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there are many restrictions and rules to be respected.

But we can still enjoy this Christmas period to the fullest, experiencing Rome in all its spirit.

1. Walk the streets of Rome

Most of the streets in the center of Rome are full of lights. Thanks to the Christmas decorations, with the traditional bright lights, even a city full of history like Rome and its narrow roads could be embellished and enriched. The Christmas tree was placed in Piazza Venezia, a natural fir about 23 meters high, illuminated with about 100,000 lights and decorated with 800 silver, red and gold spheres. Via del Corso is also all lit up with stars and decorated with “graffiti” having quotations from Roman characters such as Alberto Sordi, Ennio Morricone and Gigi Proietti.

Then, enjoy the tradition of three nativity scenes, presepi, in Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Campidoglio. From December 19th to January 6th in Piazza Navona there will be a light show on the fountains. There will then be an open bus with artists who will sing traditional Roman and Christmas songs.

2. Enjoy a hot chocolate

For all chocolate lovers and not only, we recommend you to enjoy a hot chocolate from Grezzo Raw Chocolate in via Urbana, 130, in the Monti district, one of the most characteristic of Rome. Taste the various flavors and delicacies in this temple of health, where raw materials are valued.

3. Buy an artisan panettone

Tasting the flavors of tradition is one of the opportunities to better enjoy Christmas! There are many desserts and typical Christmas recipes, but Panettone and Pandoro remain the must of every year! So why not take a moment of ecstasy in this stressful time? Choose an Artisan Panettone with which to celebrate Christmas! You can find them of all kinds from the traditional classic with raisins and candied fruit, to that ones with pistachio cream or with chocolate chips, and more others … We recommend the Caffè Tomeucci all’Eur which every year prepares its own specialties during the Christmas period: to try!

4. Shopping for Christmas

Have you already made the Christmas tree? Still, there are always some decorations to buy in addition to gifts. Have you already bought everything on Black Friday? Very well! But also take a look at the Christmas the Original shop where you can customize your decorations. Then find that gift idea to amaze with!

5. Prepare Christmas dishes at home

Following an Italian cookbook is always the best way to savor the Christmas spirit! We are in fact preparing a complete guide with traditional products to accompany you in this moment of celebration! You can download the Eat and Walk Italy Culinary Ideas here.

And don’t forget… Happy preparation for Christmas in Rome!

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