Eat and Walk Italy was born of a strong passion and dedication to Italian food culture. We offer comprehensive cooking learning programs in the historical centre of Rome. All classes take place in different locations within walking distance of the city’s world-famous historical monuments and such attractions as Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon and Saint Peter’s Basilica as well as an array of important churches and museums.


We will provide you the basics to fully master the techniques and enjoy making your own Italian-style pizza, different kinds of home-made pasta such as fettuccine(…), as well as grandma’s genuine old recipes.
We will welcome you to experience eating and most importantly cooking in some of the best restaurants serving traditional Italian cuisine in Rome

Caterina – CEO

Hi, my name is Caterina and I have created a cooking school offering classes for foreign visitors traveling to Rome to have an opportunity to fully enjoy Italian cuisine and food culture while learning about many of its styles and secrets! I love eating, as much as I love cooking, teaching and sharing my food knowledge.

My family’s legacy in the restaurant business reaches as far back as my grandparents who lovingly passed on to me that same dedication to this craft. I have myself been in this field for over ten years now working side by side with my mom and dad and I am proud I was given the chance to directly learn from them.

This is why my company’s primary goal with the cooking classes today is to inspire this love and passion in those who would like to master the classic mainstays and traditional recipes of Italian cuisine.

Joacchino – Chef

My name is Joacchino and I’m 24 years old.
Cooking has always been my passion as well as my profession.
For me the cooking is a valve for creativity and a pretext for conviviality.
Preparing new dishes looking at tradition is an act of love for myself and for customers who want to be pampered by the flavors of Italian tradition.
My work has led me to travel, return, share and learn about different cultures, professional technical people and languages.

Matteo – Chef

Ciao, it’s Matteo, one of your chef at Eat&Walk Italy. My passion for food started very early in life (that’s obvious for an Italian,eh) here in Rome because of Nonna, my granny. She made me realize that cooking for somebody is purely an act of love, that’s why I decided to choose it as a job. I used to live and work for a long time abroad and traveling gave me the chance to know new cultures and new food, I am never scared of trying new flavors!

I love to share my skills and the Italian food culture with people from allover the world, so come at one of our class!

Hassan – Chef

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Hassan and I have passion for the Italian food for many years ago.
It’s my pleasure to work with our talented team in Eat&Walk Italy to create wonderful, lovely and friendly atmosphere during our cooking workshops, hoping to provid the guests a full immersion experience in the wondrous world of culinary.

Vincenzo – Chef

My name is Vincenzo. Born and raised in Roma. My first remember of me and pasta is with my grandmother, I helped her doing gnocchi in her kitchen. Since than I couldn’t stay away from food, observing and benefit from the roman cooking sectres. Now I’m teaching to others what I’ve learned from my past experience. Romantic and busy worker, I’m in love for other cultures kitchen and fusion cook- except for pine-aple pizza 🙂