Eat&Walk Italy Quiz – What about Italian Food?

What about Italian food?

Eat & Walk Italy wants to be close to all those who cannot travel, who had booked their trip to Rome for a long time and create an opportunity for fun.

Are you a food lover? In particular of the Italian one?

Then you absolutely have to try this quiz on Italian food, to pass the time and learn something more. It is a different way of experiencing Italy but also an interesting way to become a professional of Italian food.

What are you waiting for?

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Professional: for you, Italian food has no secrets but it is always a good opportunity to be enchanted by its magical flavor!


Between 5 e 9

Gourmet: for you, Italian food is something to bear and continue to discover … Do not miss the opportunity to get to know it and explore it!


Between 1 and 4

On a diet: perhaps because of the diet you have not had the opportunity to learn more about Italian food … but you can do more! Courage!


Enjoy the Italian food and book a cooking class for better times!


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