How to enjoy Rome from home: 5 tips

How to enjoy Rome from home?

In these critical days, in which all of Rome, all of Italy, the whole world is hanging on the thread of expectation because of the Corona Virus COVID19, the question that often arises is: how to pass the time?

There are those who plan a trip without thinking about a real date; there are those who read a good book perched on their sofa; who cooks continuously putting into practice all the recipes of all the recipe books all over the world; those who engage in physical activity at home to be fit once they can go out … and so on.

In this article, 5 tips on how to spend time enjoying Rome even from a distance and from home.


1. Visit the museums in a virtual way


Did you plan a trip to Rome? Did you have to cancel it? Do not worry! You could visit it in a virtual way.

On the website RomArtGuide you can visit some of the most beautiful places in Rome, often difficult to access such as Palazzo Farnese, the Brazilian Embassy in Palazzo Pamphilj, but also the Capitoline Museums and the Museum of the Ara Pacis. The latter, being part of the Musei in Comune circuit: you could also visit them through the official website.

As for the Vatican Museums, which are visited by almost 7 millions of people, this is the link.  

Not to mention that on Google Arts and Culture you can directly search for Rome and you will have access to the masterpieces of the collection of the most important museums in Rome.


2. See video homages about Rome on Youtube


There are many videos that cover the Youtube channel celebrating Rome, the Eternal City, accompanied by breathtaking music. They tell about hidden places, stolen moments, corners to be discovered that fill the eyes with joy. One of all, the video of the singer Andrea Bocelli “Homage to Rome” that you can see at this link.


3. Read Guides about Rome


One way to become part of the world of Rome is to read books, articles and guides about the city. On Amazon there are many choices: from the fresh press “My Trip to Rome: Ultimate Vacation Planner & Diary for 15 Days, with Checklists, Itinerary, Budget & More” to something more detailed like “111 places that you must not miss”. There are guides also for the little ones like “Italy: Travel for kids: the fun way to discover Italy”. Choose the guide most suited to your needs and take advantage of this time to learn and discover something more about Rome, the most beautiful city in the world.


4. See movies that immortalize Rome


Rome has always been an exceptional setting for movies of all kinds. From the movies of the Great Cinema like Fellini‘s La dolce Vita to The great beauty of Sorrentino. Seeing a film set in the Eternal City will transport you with your imagination through its streets, in front of its monuments, on its benches in its wonderful parks. Let you be inspired!


5. Follow the Eat & Walk Italy video classes


Being unable to proceed with the face to face classes, we are working hard to create the video recipes of some of the most important and famous dishes of Italian cuisine.

You can see some of them already in the Instragram Recipe section: here is the direct link.

But soon there will also be video classes directly post on our blog! Stay tuned!

Meatballs in pizzaiola style, Roman artichokes and many others … Don’t miss them and continue to appreciate Italian cuisine even from afar!


Enjoy Rome and its cuisine!

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