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Green Pass: the certificate for traveling to Italy

To better address the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Italy it has been decided to allow travel between regions and those who have a green pass. The new tool intends to try to make the movements in and out of the red or orange areas more fluid. There are not certain details yet, but let’s find out more about it.

Green Pass: what is it?

The green pass is a document that will allow you to move from one region of Italy to another even if it is red or orange areas. They will be able to get the pass:

  • Who has completed the vaccination course. It will last six months from the end of the course;
  • Who got sick from Covid and recovered. Also in this case it will last six months;
  • Who performed the molecular test or rapid test with negative result. In this case it lasts 48 hours from the date of the test.

The pass is also required for under 18s; children under the age of 2 are exempt. The certificate will be linked by a QR code through which to certify one of the three conditions previously described. Thanks to this green pass you can participate in sporting events, but also in shows where it is not possible to guarantee the social distance. It will initially start with a paper documents being later in a digital version.

Green Pass: EU rules

It is important to emphasize that the green passes issued by the member states of the European Union are recognized as valid in Italy. For certifications issued by states not belonging to the EU, it must be recognized as equivalent. The European Union green pass system will be technically operational from June.

Once this regulation is adopted, it will be regulated by law as a right of every citizen of the European Union. According to the latest news, the test phase is about to begin at first for a group of EU countries including Italy. A second group of countries, on the other hand, will begin the test phase towards the end of May. Individual countries, however, will still be able to impose quarantine on travelers, despite the green pass. However, Italy will not be among them, as the quarantine obligation will lapse from 15 May. It based on what the Prime Minister Mario Draghi said some days ago.

Italy awaits you with its history, its food and its cooking classes. Don’t forget the green pass!

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