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Food Quiz – What about Italian Food?

What about Italian food? Have you ever taken a food quiz? Do you feel like an expert in Italian cuisine?

Eat & Walk Italy wants to be close to all those who cannot travel, who had planned their trip to Rome for a long time and create an opportunity for fun. In these somewhat gloomy days, we can test our knowledge of Italian cuisine with little games like this or crossword puzzles

Are you a food lover? In particular of the Italian one?

Then you absolutely have to try this quiz on Italian food, to pass the time and learn something more. It is a different way of experiencing Italy but also an interesting way to become a professional of Italian food.

What are you waiting for?

First of all, don’t be discouraged: quizzes are also made for learning from wrong answers. In fact, you can always repeat it to be able to check all the correct answers.

Second, share the article and then the quiz so your friends can have fun too.

Third, follow our blog: there are many recipes of typical Italian dishes and various curiosities.




Professional: for you, Italian food has no secrets but it is always a good opportunity to be enchanted by its magical flavor!


Between 5 e 9

Gourmet: for you, Italian food is something to bear and continue to discover … Do not miss the opportunity to get to know it and explore it!


Between 1 and 4

On a diet: perhaps because of the diet you have not had the opportunity to learn more about Italian food … but you can do more! Courage!


Enjoy the Italian food and book a cooking class for better times!

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