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Eat & Walk Italy – New Classes and Covid-19 rules

Italy and Rome, its capital, are finally happy to welcome travelers. In particular, Eat & Walk Italy looks forward to starting again at full speed with our cooking classes. As you can see from our site, we have added some very interesting classes. Let’s see them together. 

Eat & Walk Italy – New Classes

In this pandemic time, we’ve been working to design new and increasingly exciting classes. At the base of our courses, there is the love for Italian cuisine and our willingness to teach you the typical recipes of the tradition. The idea is to give to each participant a small piece of Italy. Of course, you can find all our musts: Pasta and Tiramisu class, Pizza Class, Ravioli and meatballs. In addition to our classics, we wanted to deepen, for example, the love for Italian homemade gelato. It is in fact one of the best known and most appreciated culinary delicacies by all.

For this reason we have combined the passion for gelato with famous and super tasty foods such as pizza (Homemade Gelato and Pizza Class) and pasta (Homemade Gelato and Pasta Class).

Finally, we wanted to create a new product, a photo shooting experience around Rome. A new way which will give you the possibility to collect memories to share with friends once at home.

Eat & Walk Italy – Covid-19 Rules

In this pandemic period, there are many rules to counter the spread of COVID-19. Eat & Walk Italy is also no exception. We are perfectly aware about the risk of a possible contagion, but we try to prevent any possibility. Social distancing is provided in all our classes. Each location is separate from the other, making easier for customers to move around. 

In the event that it does not have it, we will provide the face mask. We always ask all guests to sanitize their hands with the special dispensers or wash them. Each equipment is cleaned with care and our aprons always feel clean. We try to prefer the creation of small groups, so as not to create gatherings or possible risks. At the end of the classes, guests will be able to enjoy their lunch or dinner in an outdoor setting. In fact, we remind you that our classes take place in the center of Rome, in places such as Piazza Navona and Piazza di Pasquino.

Eat and Walk Italy is ready to welcome you and entertain you with our cooking classes and our experiences!

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