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Live a cooking class experience by tasting the dishes of the Ancient Rome cuisine. In the heart of Rome you can feel like a real ancient Roman thanks to this culinary experience. Moreover, through traditional recipes of the ancient Roman cuisine, you can take a journey back in time. A culinary adventure to discover the dishes of Ancient Rome in contemporary Rome.

Take part in our Ancient Rome cooking class to learn how to prepare three typical Ancient Roman dishes. Feel like a true ancient Roman enjoying the Virgil’s moretum sauce, the libum and the mjma, a kind of meatballs. In fact, our chef will lead you on this journey, explaining who Virgil was but also the uses of the ancient Romans. Moreover, our archeo-chef will explain you the historical context. Again, to enter the atmosphere, you will wear a toga, like a true ancient Senator. Your will drink from terracotta glasses, a ceramic widely used in Imperial Rome. A lucerne, an oil lamp, will create a suggestive and welcoming environment, typical of the triclinium of ancient Rome, the banquet hall. Each person, according to the customs of the time, will have to bring their own handkerchief to participate in the banquet. 

Ancient Rome Cooking Class

In the first part, you will be greeted by our chef who will welcome you on this journey back in time. Mulsum will be served, the cooked wine flavored with honey, used by the ancient Romans for the gustatio, the tasting. Then, you will start with the moretum sauce, following the recipe described by the great poet Virgil, the one who wrote about the epic of the birth of Rome. After that, you will create the typical bread of Ancient Rome, the libum, which was usually offered to Jupiter by the spouses during the wedding or as an offering for sacrifices. Whose recipe has been handed down to us by Cato the Censor. Subsequently, you will learn how to make mjma, a dish created by Ateneo of Naucrati. He was a scholar of the library of Alexandria. After that, you will sit down and enjoy your meal like a true ancient Roman, sipping a good glass of red wine.

Your Ancient Rome banquet

In addition to the dishes created by you, the menu will include other typical dishes of a Roman banquet. Another of the dishes will be the Apiciana tisana, a kind of soup made from cereals and legumes, according to the recipe of Apicius. He was one of the great Roman gastronome, author of the de re coquinaria, a book with five hundred recipes more or less. Again, to accompany the meal, the hypotrimna, a very tasty sauce that enriches a salad of baby spinach, smoked scamorza cheese, honey and raisins. Finally, to conclude the meal, the typical holiday dessert, the pane astrolaganus, a sweet bread with honey, wine and dried fruits. 

After the meal, you will be greeted with a small gift called apophoreta, to thank you for participating. So, take part in an ancient Roman cooking class and a banquet like a true ancient Roman.

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  • Feel the atmosphere of ancient Rome through ancient recipes, stories, customs and traditions
  • Create your meal as a real ancient Roman
  • Take part in a journey through time by immersing yourself in the culture of Ancient Rome, listening anecdotes and understanding their customs
  • Learn the secrets from millenary recipes
  • Live an experience like a true ancient Roman, wearing the toga, and enjoying a true Ancient Rome banquet


The Cooking class includes:

  • Theoretical and practical lesson
  • English speaking chef
  • Fresh ingredients and equipment (toga)

Your Menu:

  • A glass of Mulsum
  • Libum with Moretum Sauce
  • Apiciana Tisana
  • Hypotrimna sauce with spinach salad
  • Mjma meatballs
  • Pane Artolaganus dessert
  • A Glass of red wine 
  • 1 Bottled Water


Location: Rome, Piazza Navona, 94

Availability: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Start time: 12 PM

Duration: 2 hour and half (1 hour and half for the class and 1 hour to have the meal)

Additional info

  • Bookings: we accept reservations until 2hours before the start time of the tour
  • Free cancellation: 24h before the start time of the experience
  • Last minute reservation/cancellation: contact us on +393922324104
  • Children must necessarily be accompanied by an adult and a release is required
  • Other enquires: you can see our FAQ